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Welcome to Mosaic!

Located in the heart of the City of Kitchener, Mosaic provides individual counselling, group programs, credit counselling and community services to children and adults. Mosaic is recognized for its wide-ranging expertise in the field of mental health, children and youth development, domestic violence prevention and service delivery, and the provision of services for new Canadians and refugees.



Director of Children’s Mental Health Talks About Troubled Youth

Lesley Barraball, Carizon Family and Community Services’ Director of Children’s Mental Health, talks to Gary Doyle on 570 News about troubled youth. Listen to the Podcast.

8 Tips to Keep Your Budget on Track in 2014

A new year is here, and with it comes a new chance to do things right when it comes to your finances. For many of us, a few pointers on budgeting couldn’t come at a better time. According to Statistics Canada, the ratio of Canadians’ household credit debt to disposable income reached an all-time high: 163.7 per cent. CBC Kitchener-Waterloo spoke to Heather Cudmore, the Manager of Mosaic Credit Counselling, a program of Carizon Family and Community Services in Kitchener. Here is a synopsis of some of her tips to keep your budget on track in 2014.

Winter Groups

Winter groups are now available for registration.  Please check out our Group Programs for more information.

Carizon Staff Are Celebrating!

It’s National Family Week and We’re Launching Our New Look!

Thousands of Canadians have celebrated National Family Week every fall since 1985, when it was proclaimed an official week by the Government of Canada. “This year’s theme “Strong Families, Strong Communities” reminds us that communities are built by families and families are supported by communities,” says Carizon CEO Sue Gillespie. “What better week for Carizon to launch our new look.” Carizon Family and Community ServicesOn April 1st of this year, Mosaic Counselling Family Services and kidsLINK amalgamated to form Carizon Family and Community Services, providing a comprehensive integrated approach to delivering community services. At a staff celebration today, Carizon launches its new logo. “While you’ll still see our long‐standing Mosaic and kidsLINK program logos in the  community,” says Gillespie, “our new logo represents our growing ability to provide services that care for individuals and families and contribute positively to the wellness of those we serve.” The logo was designed by Matt Miller, Executive in Residence, Capacity Waterloo Region and well‐known local graphic designer. Staff focus groups were the inspiration for the new design, reflecting their themes of nature symbols that represent growth and nurturing, and circle symbols that capture the wrap‐around and responsive quality of Carizon’s programs and services.  Read Press Release

The Empty Nest Syndrome

Mosaic Counselling Supervisor, Theresa Karn, speaks with CBC about The Empty Nest Syndrome.

Pathways Volunteers Saluted at Kitchener Awards Ceremony!

Abdullah and FaridaThe City of Kitchener recognizes the great passion of active older citizens and their role as community champions. As such, the City hosts a special Salute to Seniors awards presentation to honour seniors for being role models through active involvement and contributing to a healthy community. Two of the individuals being recognized at this year’s ceremony on June 13th are Abdullah and Farida Mohibuddin.Abdullah and Farida are both tutors in the Pathways to Education program at Mosaic Counselling and Family Services. The couple emigrated from Bangladesh two years ago to be with their 3 children, all of whom came to Canada for University and decided to stay. Abdullah and Farida, both in their 60s, are making a difference by bridging the generation gap and contributing to the success of students. Only four months after arriving in Canada, they began exploring ways to volunteer in their new community. Pathways to Education drew their attention because the program involves youth and education. Farida was a teacher in two English schools in Bangladesh, so she is able to draw from her own experience when working with Pathways students. For Abdullah, however, it is something new. He was a commercial pilot prior to coming to Canada. They share a passion for working with the students, and have many stories to impart.They will soon have been with the program for two years. When asked what keeps them going, the answer is simple says the Mohibuddins: “To be with the students, as we love children. Tutoring the students is interesting and brings pleasure for us, especially when we find the students are eagerly waiting for us.”It is a rewarding experience. Farida shares a story of a Grade 10 student who was struggling with Geography. The student said she didn’t like it and found the homework, assignments and tests really hard. At that point, she wasn’t passing and was disheartened. Farida started working with her once per week for three hours and used many encouraging techniques. After only one month, the student came back and told Farida happily that she had improved her mark so much that she passed Geography!Farida and Abdullah strongly believe they are making a difference and are happy to share their experience with the students. They say it all comes down to patience, love and affection.

Children’s Mental Health Week

Todd Nutbrown from kidsLINK talks to Gary Doyle about Children’s Mental Health.

Merger strengthens ability for  service delivery!

Mosaic Counselling and Family Services      kidsLINK

Mosaic Counselling and Family Services and kidsLINK (Notre Dame of St. Agatha Inc.) are pleased to announce today the amalgamation of these two long-standing and successful social and mental health service leaders. The Ministry of Government Services has approved the incorporation of the new organization that will operate as Carizon Family and Community Services as of April 1st, 2013.“Both kidsLINK and Mosaic are recognized for their leadership in providing a multitude of services that strengthen individuals, families and neighbourhoods,” says Carizon’s President of the Board of Directors, Rich Steinmann. “This merger will allow these two agencies to enhance their ability to contribute positively to the well-being of children, youth, adults, families and communities.”CEO Sue Gillespie, who will lead Carizon, identifies the ability of the new organization to provide a continuum of care that meets the changing needs of our community. “Combined, kidsLINK and Mosaic have the experience of providing services to our community for more than 216 years. As a leader in social and mental health service delivery,” says Gillespie, “we will draw on that expertise to leverage complementary strengths and proactively pursue an even more impactful future.”The name Carizon, a combination of the words care and horizon, was designed to capture the nature of the services provided by the agency, as well as its hope and vision for the future of this community.

CTV Investigates Dealing with Debt

CTV anchor Rosie Del Campo looks at the warning signs of financial trouble in the first part of a three part series exploring Canada’s rising household debt to income ratio. Mosaic’s Credit Counselling Manager Heather Cudmore shares her insights.

Mosaic E.D. Sue Gillespie featured as CTV’s Local Hero

Carizon Family and Community Services CEO Sue GillespieOn October 3rd, thanks to her successful United Way bid, Sue Gillespie got to be Police Chief for a Day. CTV followed the story and also recognized Sue’s contribution to the community, honouring her as CTV’s Local Hero. Check it out.

Theresa Karn Talks about Couples & Chores on Gary Doyle’s Show

Listen to the Gary Doyle Show on 570 News as Gary and Theresa talk about a study about Couples and Chores.

Naomi’s Journey and How Mosaic Made a Difference!

Naomi's success story

As far back as she could remember, Naomi recalled a childhood of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. As a young woman, Naomi struggled with panic attacks and the fear that others were watching her. While Naomi had managed to support herself, she was unable to do so in a public environment. Naomi did her work in isolation, grocery shopped at night when no one else was in the store, and avoided any non-essential activity that took her outside of her own four walls. It was an isolating and draining existence. One day shortly after Naomi’s 30th birthday, Naomi was recognized for her thorough and efficient work and was offered a new job in an office. The job, however, necessitated that she walk four blocks to her downtown office and interact with people several times a day. Naomi desperately wanted the job, but she just could not get beyond the fear. That’s when she made an appointment at Mosaic Counselling and Family Services and came in to talk to Pauline. Pauline began by listening to Naomi and helping her to deal with her childhood trauma. Pauline also taught Naomi skills to help her manage her anxiety and provided her with tools and techniques to help her to calm herself and to find emotional freedom. Naomi started by walking one block from her home and back, then two blocks, then three. From there, Naomi added other activities, like Tai Chi. It took a number of months, but Naomi eventually accepted that job. Naomi credits Pauline for “opening up her life.” Today, Naomi not only enjoys her new career, but she has joined a hiking club where she walks for miles on end, all the while socializing with others.Naomi is one example of an individual that has overcome life’s challenges thanks to Mosaic’s Trauma Client Assistance Fund. This fund provides counselling and services to members of our community that have experienced a traumatic event and would otherwise not be able to afford or have access to these services. You can help people like Naomi.