The New Changes to Expect For SEO In 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that can help websites to appear in the search engine result pages of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Every business house wants to get a high click-through rate and also a good spot in Google’s search algorithm.

SEO being a constantly challenging landscape that never sits idle. It constantly changes itself and completely shakes the foundation of the SEO industry. Thus, Toronto SEO specialists need to constantly review new strategies. For example, the rising trend that changes the way SEO is done and completely improving the user experience, along with a focus on mobile-friendliness.

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Now in 2019, it’s again time to redefine where SEO is headed to. Let’s take a look at the SEO changes.


Last year Google encouraged webmasters to start using HTTPS and they even started to index HTTPS pages by default. Web security will always remain a hot topic. One of the big changes that are expected in 2019 is to do with security and HTTPS websites. HTTPS basically keeps data exchanged between user’s computer and website secure. Consumers now expect that the connection of the websites they visit must be secure enough. So this year can be a great step towards the anti-HTTP campaign.

Go For Intent

With the complexity of the queries, keywords are losing their importance in the overall strategy for SEO. In 2019, there can be a significant shift from it. The usage of long-tail keywords are now considered for ranking. It wouldn’t be hard to arrange the content in order to fit into the strategy. However, keywords should not be completely overlooked. It still can add relevancy and can make a page look good. As suggested by Toronto SEO specialists, it is better to create content and build links around answering user’s questions. Thus ‘intent over keywords’ is the new name of the game.

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Long-form Content

Long contents which are more than 2000 words always perform better in the search results. This trend has been used by many marketers even a few years back and it helps in ranking organically. In fact, it is seen it can provide the necessary conversion of visitors into leads, sales, and profit for the business house.

Social-Media- Ideal for Larger Traffic

It is seen that products and services are discovered on social media by consumers. Thereby, consumers often turn to social media when looking for customer support. Brands thus use these platforms in order to communicate with consumers.

Google’s AMP

A new initiative from Google in order to build a better user friendly mobile web is by introducing a new standard in order to build web content for mobile devices. Pages built with this technology can load faster on all mobile devices. It can also have a positive effect on rankings and CTR.

Optimizing for Voice Search

Features snippet provides an answer to question-based queries in a box at the top of SERP. However, Google Home, Siri are on the rise. It involves asking a question and listening to the answer. It can add a new level of user experience. All Toronto SEO specialists can take advantage of this voice search.

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