Mosaic Counselling and Family Services’ trained professionals provide individual, couple, family and group counselling, bringing hope and support to both children and adults. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the Mosaic team assists people of all ages through a variety of services including counselling, couples and marriage counselling, group therapy, education, outreach and advocacy.

Children & Teens

Mosaic Counselling and Family Services has a number of specialized counsellors dedicated to providing services for children and teens. Young people are supported through individual, family and group counselling programs. These programs are designed to help children and teens to develop the tools they need to cope with challenges, reach their potential and become healthy and confident young adults.


Counselling provides a confidential opportunity for individuals to seek assistance when dealing with life’s challenges. Mosaic Counselling and Family Services’ trained professionals can help a diverse population with a wide array of issues including:

  • stress
  • depression and anxiety
  • grief
  • abuse
  • family violence
  • sexual assault
  • trauma and critical incidents
  • anger management
  • marriage counselling, separation and divorce, and
  • relationship issues

Mosaic also provides career counselling.


All relationships face challenging times. Often couples manage to cope with these issues themselves, but occasionally problems can be solved better and more quickly with professional help. Mosaic counsellors assist couples in dealing with a variety of issues including:

  • communication
  • parenting
  • family dynamics
  • managing differences
  • constructive approaches
  • conflict resolution skills, and
  • money management


Mosaic Counselling and Family Services strives to build and support families through a variety of counselling solutions. Counsellors will assist families in dealing with a number of issues including:

  • communication
  • family dynamics
  • problem-solving
  • issues of separation and divorce
  • blended families
  • grief and loss, and
  • family illness
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