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Working closely with you, we will design a program that meets your unique needs, makes a difference in your workplace and aligns with your culture and practices. Mosaic Counselling and Family Services has a track record of providing instrumental and visionary programs that benefit everyone in the region.

What we offer to regional employers:

  • The Mosaic EAP – we offer a range of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for organizations of every size and in every sector
  • Consultative support for workplace challenges
  • Program planning, awareness/education, and threat assessment planning to meet Health and Safety obligations for Family Violence in the Workplace
  • Outplacement services
  • Career management services

The Mosaic EAP

A Mosaic EAP helps employees and their families to deal effectively with personal and workplace challenges through a wide range of confidential, comprehensive and professional services which may include:

  • Fast access to more than 40 professional counsellors in the region as well as professional counsellors across North America
  • Legal assessment and consultation
  • Family mediation services
  • Psycho-educational groups (for adults, teens and children)
  • 24/7 1-800 access to counsellors

A Mosaic EAP offers a full complement of employer support including:

  • Formal and informal referrals
  • Critical incident stress management debriefings
  • Orientation, training,  and telephone consultations for managers
  • Integration of professional counselling into HR practices

Workplace Challenges

Mosaic’s Workplace Programs team is dedicated to helping you successfully address and deal with the difficult human challenges present in every workplace. Professional, experienced assistance is provided as part of oyour EAP or contracted on a case-by-case basis.

Critical Incidents

  • Immediate, supportive, on-site group and individual debriefings, consultation for leaders, follow-up counselling and helpful written material for unexpected occurrences in the workplace

Individual Referrals

  • Assistance to help get valued employees back on track when job performance and prdouctivity are encroached on by personal problems or challenges such as addictions, anger, or poor co-worker relationships

Coaching for Leaders

  • Direct access to professionals to debrief and strategize difficult human challenges

Call us any time to discuss any issue at your workplace at 519-743-6333.

Family Violence in the Workplace (Bill 168)

Mosaic offers services to assist employers in the Region of Waterloo build the organizational capacity to address domestic violence in the workplace. Abusive behaviours easily cross the boundary between home and workplace. Violence can follow a victim to the workplace and it can touch co-workers.  By recognizing domestic violence and knowing how to respond and refer, employers can help prevent serious injuries and fatalities and meet their Health & Safety obligations under Bill 168. Mosaic’s Workplace Programs’ team will work with you to initiate a program and/or integrate these best practices into existing workplace violence prevention programs.

For Employers

  • Focused training for managers/key contacts
  • Awareness training for all employees
  • Consultation to develop programs to meet specific needs, threats and risks of the organization
  • Consultation on specific threat assessment and planning
  • Support to deal with aggressive behaviour in the workplace
  • Support for victims and individuals involved
  • Trauma debriefing

For Employees

  • Access to the full range of services offered through the Family Violence Project of Waterloo Region (available to all members of our community)

The impact – it’s a workplace issue!

At least a quarter of all employees have experienced domestic violence and 70% of individuals suffering from domestic violence are victimized at their workplace. Over 50% of domestic violence victims miss 3+ days of work a month. And, 22% of workers report that they have worked with someone who has been a victim of domestic violence.

Outplacement Services

Mosaic offers a range of programs to organizations to assist with the difficult employee termination process, ranging from performance-based terminations of individuals to downsizings. Outplacement services ensure a smooth process, minimize the chance of negative actions, and help the organization plan for long-term growth with confidence. For those employees leaving the organization due to workforce reduction, our services provide these employees with the tools and techniques necessary for an effective transition to new work opportunities.

For Employers

Outplacement Consultations

  • Pre-termination planning and delivery
  • Coaching on how to manage terminations in an effective and humane way
  • Understanding the psychological and emotional dynamics of termination for the employees involved, the work group and the management team
  • Reducing the stress-level of managers involved
  • Communicating of staff changes to remaining employees
  • Maintaining the public image and brand

For Employees

Outplacement Services Helping employees who are moving on:

  • Emotional support through job loss
  • Personality assessment and goal setting
  • Self-marketing – resumes, letter writing, self-presentation
  • Work searching techniques and interview skills

Career Management

In today’s ever-changing economic climate, the competitive challenges faced by business leaders continue to escalate at an ever-increasing pace. For employers, a major focus for success in the marketplace is meeting the challenge of managing staffing needs during tight economic times. For employees, managing their way through shifting job expectations is a perpetual reality.

 For Employers

  • Workforce planning
  • Meeting your future staffing needs
  • Succession planning
  • Employee career development and assessment

For Employees

  • Provide key employees with better self-understanding of their strengths and qualifications to contribute to their organization in the future
  • Developing career resilience
  • Self-evaluation, skills, values, etc.
  • Career targeting, building a path, setting goals
  • Building workplace alignment
    Self-marketing and networking
  • Coaching forward to success
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