Mosaic is a leading, local, not-for-profit provider of workplace wellness services. The core of our Workplace Programs is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We offer a range of EAPs for organizations of every size and in every sector.  We also offer services to manage difficult human situations in the workplace and strengthen human resilience. Most recently, we’ve offered organizations assistance in meeting Bill 168 workplace violence obligations – program planning, awareness/education, and threat assessment planning.

The EAP is a company paid benefit that provides individuals and their family members with confidential access to professional counsellors who will help them resolve the issues faced by workers today – anxiety, depresson, financial distress, substance abuse, mental illness, stress, dealing with aging parents and conflict.  Responsive, easy access to professional support helps individuals resolve issues more quickly and more effectively.

Research Shows the EAP Works!

An EAP mitigates the business risk by:

  • Reducing the likelihood of workplace violence or other safety risks
  • Managing the effect of disruptive incidents in the workplace
  • Smoothing the adjustment of mergers, acquisititions, site closures and other workforce change events

An EAP addresses the cost of doing business by:

  • Reducing workplace absenteeism, presenteeism, employee turnover, and associated replacement costs
  • Decreasing workplace accidents
  • Increasing productivity

An EAP leverages the value of its workforce investment by:

  • Improving employees’ ability to respond to life’s challenges
  • Offering employees problem resolution services
  • Developing employee and manager comepetencies in managing workplace stress and improving performance
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