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For Members of a Mosaic EAP

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All of us face difficult personal struggles at some time in our life. Most often we can cope with these issues ourselves, but occasionally problems can be solved better and more quickly with professional help. Your company offers an EAP because they want their employees to enjoy full, productive lives.

An Employee Assistance Program provides you with free, confidential and professional counselling to help you and members of your immediate families resolve problems that affect your personal well-being and potential to grow.

Contact your HR Department or organization representative for more information about what your company EAP has to offer.

When You Call

Call at any time!

As a member of Mosaic Counselling and Family Services EAP, your employer provides you with free, confidential, and professional counselling to help you and the members of your immediate family. Call us at any time, with any question:

1-800-743-4140 ( English)
1-888-687-9197 ( French)

Or, Email us:

Our intake team helps you get the information and support you need to develop solutions. The team ensures that you are matched with the most appropriate counsellor. This could be at our main office at 400 Queen Street, at our office in Langs Farm in Cambridge, or at a location close to your home if you live elsewhere.   An appointment is scheduled when you call. Immediate crises appointments are available.

Services in Quebec are provided in partnership with Le Groupe Renaud.

What concerns?

Mosaic Counselling and Family Services EAP addresses a broad range of personal and work-related concerns, including, but not limited to:

  • personal, such as depression or stress
  • work-related, such as harassment
  • marital and couple
  • separation and divorce
  • family, such as parenting, parent/child conflicts, family relationships
  • substance misuse/addictions
  • abuse, physical, emotional, sexual

When expenses and monthly debts become more than you can handle, financial pressures can start to build. Mosaic EAP offers Credit Counselling services to help you, including:

  • confidential financial counselling
  • brochures & information on money management
  • a consumer repayment plan
  • intervention and mediation to help your resolve debt problems


Your counselling session is between you and your counsellor. Neither your employer nor your co-workers will have any knowledge of your voluntary request for help.

Mosaic Counselling and Family Services has the necessary safeguards in place to protect your confidentiality and privacy.

  • Records and other information pertaining to the identity and treatment of any client are confidential. The only information reported to the employer is a summary of the number of people who have used the services and a summary of the kinds of problems.
  • No personal information about a client is released without obtaining the client’s informed consent, except as required by law ( eg suspected cases of child abuse), or where there are concerns for the life of the client.

As a Leader

If you are looking for advice in dealing with a difficult situation, are worried about the wellness of a member of your team, or simply want an objective and professional perspective, call us at 1-800-743-4140.

Note: All client information is completely confidential. We are not in any situation able to share information about any client of the agency.